Tiny love

Writing for Pasties & Petticoats has it’s perks, and let me tell you this is definitely one of those times. I come across loads of fab companies and meet lots of very lovely people, and from time to time I come across a product that captures my heart.

A little while ago I was contacted by Paloma at The Tiny Marmalade Company, introducing the company as producing original, fairtrade and eco friendly jams canned in tiny jars.  Who doesn’t love something teeny tiny? I read on with interest… “At The Tiny Marmalade Company we are passionate about fresh, healthy, quality and fair food. We produce a wide range of exclusive jam recipes with delicately selected ingredients from the highest quality range. Fruits, herbs, leaves, peels, sugar and scents are softly preserved and carefully packed in lovely tiny jars.  We follow traditional procedures that make each one of our jams a “limited edition” that will probably not be repeated.”

Being based just over the Tamar in our neighbouring county of Devon, I invited Paloma to send over some samples.  We exchanged a couple of messages and I received in the mail two miniature jars of delicious looking preserves.  The company’s ethos is all about the tiny (you can read about it here).  The story alone makes me smile. The pretty website and quirky label designs hold promise. Still though I wondered if it would be just another small jar of jam.


I may not be a professional food critic, but I do love food. I love food A LOT, so I think that qualifies me somewhat in my position of chief taster for Pasties & Petticoats!

For my sample taster I chose a nice fresh white bread, toasted, with a Cornish unsalted butter (my current favourite).  I opened the first tiny jar… the custard apple.  Initially surprised at the smooth texture, I took a sniff. A mix of sharpness and sweet, this boded well.  A really subtle flavour, it was just as the name suggests, custard apple. Yum!

The second flavour I’d been sent to sample was strawberry and chilli. I’m a HUGE chilli fan but I wasn’t quite sure how it would pan out with strawberry jam. WOW.  A gorgeous smooth strawberry flavour with a hint of afterkick from the chilli, this one was my favourite from the first bite!

I will absolutely be trying more of their flavours, and if you’re after something a little bit different for wedding favours, do take a look.   Your bespoke favours will be presented with specially designed labels, tags, boxes and ribbons all themed to match your occasion. What’s more, The Tiny Marmalade Company are generously offering Pasties & Petticoats readers 15% off purchases, just drop them an email quoting the code PAS&PET14 to have your discount deducted from your total.




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