Since my own wedding in 2007, I’ve become a wedding photographer and a wedding blogger. This new journey has taken my hand and led me captivated into an entirely new world of wedding pretty.  Not even as a bride-to-be did I spend this much time admiring the work of fabulous photographers, delving into brilliant creative ideas for handmade touches, or indeed, drooling over dresses.

If I were to plan our wedding all over again, the majority of it would remain unchanged.  We both loved our wedding day, our guests had a ball and it was well worth every hard-earned penny.  BUT, the one thing that would without a doubt be different, is my dress.

Maybe partly because of changing fashions, maybe partly because of my evolving tastes, but I’d go for something quite different if I were to go frock shopping now.  I still love my dress, because it was absolutely the dress for me at the time, but I’d choose differently now.

So, given my penchant for a gorgeous gown, I’m going to share some dress deliciousness with you in a series of ‘frock friday’ posts.  That’s right frock fans, a weekly post all about beautiful wedding dresses.

A look I particularly love is the use of coloured petticoats to bring a splash of colour to the proceedings, so what better place to start on a blog called pasties & petticoats, than right there?

Did you have petticoats with your wedding dress? Have you found a photo you’d like to share?  Pop on over to our facebook page and join the chat.

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Pretty cool huh?







  1. February 3, 2012  12:12 pm by Zoe

    i adore that first dress - its stunning!

  2. February 3, 2012  3:27 pm by admin

    It's beautiful isn't it Zoe?!

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