Oh my.  A bouquet, made out of brooches.  What a lovely idea, I’m sure you’ll agree…?

If you love these as much as me, and fancy having a go at creating your own beautiful brooch bouquet, check out this ‘how to’ guide.  Alternatively, if you love the idea but would rather save yourself the effort (and in my case, no doubt heartache!) but have a few quid spare, just buy one.

It goes without saying, but I have a regularly updated mood board on pinterest with loads more pics.




{hover over the image to see who it’s credited to, then refer below for the source link}

{ Wedful }     { Vi.Sualise }     { The Knot }     { Brooch Bouquets }     { Style Me Pretty }     { Air we inspire }     { Canlas photography }

{ Color Me Katie }

a little note on image credits // As a photographer myself I totally get the importance of getting image credits right. I do my best to find the original source of images and credit accordingly, but if you spot a faux pas please let me know so I can put it right. Ta muchly.


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